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Meet the Family


Our  Story

 Nathan and Brook Tomlinson, founded and ran the PV Haunted Trail in Powell for more than 7 years. It all started out being free, scaring a few friends in the woods.

   When the haunted trail outgrew the space the Tomlinson's had, they looked for a new location. The old Rainsville Quality Meats building was built in 1964, it had been an actual slaughterhouse/meat packer/meat market, and had been abandoned for 33 years. It already had an eerie feel to it. This was the perfect location to move their haunt to. They basically had to start from scratch, and build it up more each year.

    The haunt has a hometown feel to it, with scare actors, homemade props, scenes, a whole lot of blood, sweat, and tears.  They have a multitalented cast of 50 plus, that pride themselves on being able to provide an experience that won't soon be forgotten. 

   With monsters, props, and scenes changing up, customers will not get the same exact show every night. They could come on Friday, then again on Saturday and  get a totally different show.

   Nathan said "For the cast, we don't use any commercial characters or horror movie icons, we want all our characters to be original and represent who their creators are, and that's something we've always been proud of.

  Brook said " We try to keep it fresh with the ultimate goal of entertaining."  and "We bring a lot of people from out of town, we bring people from Huntsville, Birmingham, and Montgomery to the area." as well as repeated customers locally. Some local customers will come through at least once a weekend, every weekend we are open.

    Even though they are only open seasonally, it is almost a year round job, while juggling regular jobs, parenting, extracurricular activities with their children and life in general. They start in March, or earlier, getting ready for the next season. They build new walls, move walls, tear down walls, design new sets.. it is all different from year to year.  The additional attraction, "Gut Pond Trail", was added for the 2023 season and was the beginning of two attractions in one! 

    Nathan said "Everybody has a dream, and you have to chase it. I chased mine and it has brought me here."

  Opening night for 2024 is Friday, September 27th, 

This will be their 15th year of haunting. 

  They can't wait to see you!



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