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Dr. Pigman

Abandoned at the age of  3, never even given a name, he had seen things that no child should ever see...horrible things.  When found in the woods, all he could remember was that his family raised pigs. He was finally taken in by a local foster family, they could tell right away that he was different from other children, he was distant and would hardly speak.  When the family pets started to come up missing, no one suspected the young boy.  As he grew older, the kids at school made fun of him, especially when they saw how much he enjoyed dissecting animals in biology class, they all started calling him "The Doctor". The day came that the class was going to dissect a baby pig,  "The Doctor" went crazy, turned his knife and scalpel on everyone in the classroom. There were no survivors, and he disappeared into the woods. The media exploited every angle they could. Finally tracking down his biological father, who had been the talk of the town many times before, he was indeed a pig farmer. Many of the locals had disappeared after visiting him to inquire about his stock and his wife had mysteriously disappeared years before. It is rumored that he was feeding his visitors to the pigs. As we all know, pigs will eat anything. The media then labeled him with his final name - "Dr. Pigman". 

It is said that Dr. Pigman is still around these parts, people claim they've seen him and he stills carries a knife of some sort. 

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MD Sawbones

As a young boy, he knew what he wanted to grow up to be - a Doctor. It was his dream, but his parents tried to sway him in a different direction, as his grades were never that good. He had failed a few grades and barely passed the others,  at 16 he was still in 7th grade. As his classmates started making fun of him, he became more and more angry at the world.  He quit school as soon as he could, but didn't give up on his dream. He thought "I don't need school to be a doctor!". He started practicing his type of doctoring on the neighborhood kids. When one of the children came home with his finger cut off, the police got involved and placed him in a mental hospital. His family, being embarrassed, disowned him. He spent 10 years in that mental hospital,  after so many electrical shock treatments, he totally lost his mind. 

He began to plan his escape.  He waited until everyone was asleep one night and started a fire, in the chaos that ensued to put the fire out, he escaped, but not without injury. His face is disfigured from the fire and heat. But don't worry, he thinks he is a Dr. after all, he repaired his face the best he could. He took on the name of  "MD Sawbones".

I hear that he still practices his own version of doctoring to this day 

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